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Nate Luther's Guide Service offers group and individual rates for fishing trips on the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.  No expereicne needed. Just a desire to catch fish and make lasting memories!!!

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If you're looking for guided fishing for steelhead, salmon, sturgeon then book with Nate. He will put you on lots of fish. Nate Luther's Guide Service is by far the best when it comes to Idaho State fishing guides! 

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Nate has the dates, time, technique and rivers dialed in to catch big fish!

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Book a trip with Nate and you'll be coming back time & time again! 



Want to catch some HUGE steelhead!?! Clearwater & Snake River Steelhead draw anglers from all over the country for the opportunity to hook into one of these amazing fish. 

 Mid-September - February 


Without question this is some of the best Salmon fishing in PNW.  Every fall and spring the genetics of these amazing  salmon allow for some really good size fish to catch and eat. These salmon are  considered some of the best eating and equal to the Copper River Salmon of Alaska.

Spring Chinook:  April - May

Fall:  September - October 


Fishing on the Snake River may very well be the most beautifully wild destination you can go to and catch a giant fish like a Hells Canyon Sturgeon. There truly is nothing cooller than reeling in a  These monsters can live to be 100 years of age and grow to over 10 feet in length here in Hells Canyon.  All sturgeon on this section of the river are catch and release only. 

 April through October 


As soon as the water warms up, the Bass start biting. You can easily catch up to 100 Bass a day. They are one of Nate’s favorite fish to catch; kids and adults love hooking the aggressive fish!

 May - October  


 Every good fisherman knows that fishing for trout takes a bit of finesse and a good tactics. Although slightly more elusive than the bass in Hells Canyon, the trout fishing is completely worth the effort-the fish are as big and beautiful as the canyon itself.  

 May - October 


Channel catfish weigh up to ten pounds and feed mainly at night, so the best time to catch them is just before dawn.  We take an occasional catfish during the day, but spend most of our time fishing for either sturgeon or bass and trout. 

April - July

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